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[ScaleX] 클라우드 고성능 컴퓨팅이란?? 1편 - Cloud HPC

CAE 소프트웨어가 발전하면서 하드웨어도 많은 발전을 해왔다. 하지만 발전한 하드웨어만큼구매 가격도 점점 오르게 되었다. 또한 요즘 많은 분야에서 사용되고 있는 GPU의 가격은 상상 이상으로 오르고 있어 기업에서도 구매하기가 어려운 실정이다.

그래서 대안으로 클라우드 HPC를 많이들 관심가지고 있다.

이번 자료에서는 클라우드 고성능 컴퓨팅이란 무엇인가에 대해 총 4가지 파트에 대해 설명하고자 한다.

총 4가지 파트는 아래와 같다.
1. What is Cloud HPC?
2. Common HPC Use Cases for R&D and Engineering
3. What are the different optioons for deploying HPC Cloud?
4. High performance Computing vs Supercomputing

각 설명은 Rescale 홈페이지를 통해 가져왔다.


What is Cloud HPC

High Performance Computing

High performance computing (HPC) is one of the most impactful technologies used by scientists, researchers, and engineers to develop the most advanced and most pressing modern innovations. HPC is often used to describe the hardware and software tools used to digital model or simulate new products and how they perform in the physical world. From the mid-1900s, the invention of powerful computers combined with new engineering techniques transformed the way advanced technologies, every-day products, and even city infrastructure are designed, optimized, and manufactured.
For decades HPC was used by mostly large organizations with significant financing and large IT teams needed to support complex supercomputers and broad stacks of hardware and software. With cloud computing infrastructure, any company has access to virtually limitless combinations of specialized hardware from anywhere with on-demand subscription models, significantly lowering the barriers to entry to these transformational technologies.

HPC Shifts to the Cloud

Cloud HPC has changed the way companies provide resources for research and development initiatives because of its advantages of agility and flexibility to deploy and manage. Compared to on-premises supercomputers, HPC clusters, and workstations, cloud HPC can be procured and deployed faster and can be easily modified based on the needs of the organization at any given moment. Cloud HPC eliminates the need for costly upfront capital and time investments to get started on strategic and time-sensitive projects. Today, approximately 70% of organizations surveyed have integrated cloud into their HPC practices with over 50% reporting consistent usage (Source: 2022 State of Computational Engineering Report).
As global cloud infrastructure has matured in scale and capability, HPC practitioners, IT managers, and business leaders alike have discovered additional benefits of adopting cloud HPC. From improved collaboration and user experience to enhanced reporting and management, cloud HPC can improve end-user productivity, decrease operational risks, and ultimately lead to faster time-to-market. Organizations’ HPC hardware and software portfolios are becoming increasingly specialized and diverse, which is causing many organizations to take advantage of multicloud strategies to continuously optimize their application workloads to increase performance and/or decrease costs. With the high demand for computer-aided engineering and explosion of new AI/ML techniques, technology leaders are turning to cloud HPC to de-risk their operations and ensure their most important projects have the hardware they need to succeed. 
Business leaders who are considering strategic investments in computing should consider cloud HPC to optimize overall operational efficiency. Similar to how cloud has transformed many other aspects of enterprise technology, cloud HPC enables instant access, monitoring, governance, and forecasting all from a single pane of glass from a browser anywhere in the world. This agility and flexibility is a compelling competitive advantage that will empower new discoveries for the organizations adopt cloud-first HPC strategies.

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